January: Writing Retreat by the Sea

Is it time for your inner writer to find its voice?we2

In a peaceful setting on the shores of the Atlantic, you can explore new writing in a relaxed and supportive environment.  Together, even new writers will find their own stories to tell and watch their voices develop clarity.

2017 Dates to be determined

Come write with us in January, 10:00-1:00,
at The Addy Sea Bed and Breakfast in beautiful Bethany Beach, Delaware.

Retreat fee:  $295.
Special Addy Sea rate for retreat attendees: $99/night (limited spaces available)

To register for the retreat and a room:  Contact Margaret Foster at mfoster110@gmail.com or call 410-404-6538

At the end of our retreats, I like to ask participants to reflect on their time by responding to a prompt:  “I used to think…But now I think…”  Below are some of their responses.  Does one of them sound familiar?

I used to think I didn’t know what to do with my mother’s letters, but now I think I have a place to start with them.

I used to think I could write alone, but now I think I love being among friends.

I used to think that my writing wasn’t that strong, but now I think my own voice is enough.

I used to think that important change only happens slowly, but now I think that it can jump start almost overnight.

I used to think that teaching writing could be formulaic, but now I think that facilitated writing allows us to break all kinds of molds.

I used to think that a simple workshop might be simplistic, but now I think that simplicity requires thought and hard work and listening and care.

I used to think, “See Spot run,” but now I think, “The dust kicked up on a country road as my little beagle chased the ducks.”

I used to think that I had to know the whole story in my head before I could write it, but now I think that real and powerful stories can spill out of me and tell themselves in fifteen minutes!